• Scubapro MK17 Evo / G260 Regulator Combination

Scubapro MK17 Evo / G260

$795.00 $1,030.00


The environmentally sealed MK17 Evo first stage combined with the technical diver's reg of choice, the Scubapro G260 is the ultimate regulator for harsh conditions!

If you're looking for a regulator that will perform in all conditions, whether it's in cold, warm or murky waters and in wrecks, caves, fresh water or the open ocean - the Scubapro G260/MK17 Evo combination is your regulator of choice.

An all time favourite of cave and tech divers, the G260 is a reversible reg, meaning you can change it's orientation from right to left. The first stage is completely sealed from the elements, to prevent it from freezing up or free flowing on you even in the coldest waters!

The G260 is the new version of the legendary G250, which has been upgraded with metal components for excellent cold-water performance and extra durability. It is also Scubapro's second stage with the largest diaphragm, to ensure the best performance and the most effortless breathing.

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