• Scubapro MK11 / R195 Regulator Combination

Scubapro MK11 / R195

$515.00 $625.00


The compact MK11 / R195 regulator combination is a great all-round breather that is both economical as well as dependable and is a great buy for the beginning diver!

The compact MK11 is a reliable breather that is great for travelling, as it's light weight, reliable and durable. It's also balanced, meaning that it will be effortless to breathe from at any depth!

The R195 has a large diaphragm and purge button for easy and smooth operation. It has reversible hose attachments for the technical diver or divers that would like to use it on a deco tank and a classic downstream valve design.

This combination is an exceptional air delivery system for tropical or temperate water diving!

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