• Scubapro MK11 / R095 Regulator Combination

Scubapro MK11 / R095

$479.00 $565.00


The Scubapro MK11 R095 regulator combo is a balanced compact breathing system that is both light weight as well as low cost!

Scubapro's MK11 first stage is renowned for being compact, so great for travelling, while still being an excellent breather with options to add a transmitter (2 HP ports) as well as a dry suit hose (4 LP ports). It has a balanced diaphragm (meaning it will breathe the same at different depth levels - no extra effort required) and you have the choice between a DIN or a Yoke configuration!

The second stage is Scubapro's most basic breather and is seen in many rental station because it's robust, simple and reliable. It has a classic downstream valve design a VIVA preset switch to set the regulator to its best pre-tuned setting!

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