• Scubapro Hydros Pro BCD Accessories - Accessory Plate for Knives
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Scubapro Hydros Pro BCD Accessories

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So you already have you Scubapro Hydros Pro BCD? Now its time to invest in some accessories to go along with it, this kit is what we feel is the perfect amount of what you need right now! Including five different items it ensures you have enough storage and a back-up plan for anything you could need.

Accessory Plate for Knives

The scubapro knife and accessory plate includes you mounting plate, washers and stainless steel screws, and you can attach it to your multi-mount matrix points on you BCD. Ideal for attaching your knife to your BCD for easy access.

Mini D-Ring Set

The mini D-ring set includes a mounting plate, mini D-rings and stainless steel screws. It attaches to your multi-mount matrix points on your BCD. These D-rings provide you ideal places for attaching your marker buoys, lights, as well as streamlining the hose routes.

Ninja Pocket

If you need more storage space when diving, this ninja pocket is ideal. Simply attach it to your Hydros PRO BCD via the multi-mount matrix points and there you have it. It comes with its mounting plate, the pocket and stainless steel screws. With a side release buckle for closure it is perfect for holding your instructor slates, reels, spare masks, compact cameras or anything else you may want to take with you.

Bungee Set M

Here is yet another way to increase the storage available on you Scubapro Hydros Pro BCD, the medium bungee set which includes two bungee loops with cord locks can be attached to your mini D-rings or tank plate. These are ideal for attaching lights, battery pack or streamlining your hoses.

Bungee Set L

The large bungee set, also comes with two bungee loops and cord locks can attach to the mini D-rings or your lumbar plate. Due to the slighter larger size these are ideal for storing marker buoys during your dive.

Thigh Cargo Pocket

Do you need an easy way to have extra storage during your dive? Fed up of having things hanging off you and getting in the way of your enjoyment? Then this Thigh Cargo Pocket is made for you!

Technically designed for the Hydros Pro line this pocket (complete pocket with clips and strap) attaches to the BCD D-ring and straps around your thigh ensuring its security. It has easy and quick attachment using a carabineer and a thigh strap.

Ideal for storing your instructor slates, lights, marker buoys, reels or compact cameras with a squeeze clip buckle you can be sure that your valuables are secured. This item will only be suitable for you if your BCD has a lower D-ring like shown in the picture.

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