• Scubapro Heavy Duty 6.5 mm. Boot

Scubapro Heavy Duty 6.5 mm. Boot

$79.00 $93.00


The new style Scubapro Heavy Duty 6.5 mm. Boot is a boot that has been designed for use in colder climates and tough conditions.

The 6.5 mm. thickness will keep your feet warm as well as the specially added quick drying "Blue Diamond Span" interior. The Scubapro Heavy Duty Boots have extra strong heels and toes for extra protection and a super thick rubber sole. These boots are a great asset if you have to walk over rocks when entering and exiting the water and the velcro retainer keeps the zips closed during the dives!

If you're looking for sturdy and warm boots, the Scubapro Heavy Duty 6.5 mm. boots are the right boot for you!

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