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Rob Allen Snapper Roller Gun



Rob Allen's Snapper Roller Gun has an alloy rail barrel with 14mm full pretension roller bands and is the continued evolution of the Rob Allen roller guns! They have taken the Tuna Roller gun and added 14mm power band material with a greater stretch ratio! The 14mm band further reduces recoil, while maintaining power and speed!

The high energy bands allow for faster loading with lots of power to shoot any species you are likely to encounter in our Aussie waters. With quick tracking and minimal recoil, this gun is the perfect gun for hunting flighty species.

With load assist on longer sizes and easy load bridles, it's an ideal roller gun! Pick your size (from 80cm - 120cm) and rest assured, as the gun is covered by Rob Allen's limited lifetime warranty!

It has a double notch shaft and an awesome looking barrel with new graphics and a hot handle wrap. The stainless steel active line release and quad ceramic roller beraing roller head make this a winner!

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