• Oceanic Veo 4.0 Navcon Triple Console

Oceanic Veo 4.0 Triple Console (Navcon)

$659.00 $810.00


The simple and efficient Veo 4.0 entry-level computer combined with the Oceanic compass and pressure gauge into one single console! You end up with everything you’ll ever need to navigate any dive, packed into a sleek and handy design.

Veo 4.0 is stylish, slim and packed with features. With 4 operating modes, larger digit size, and a 20% slimmer profile you’ve got all you need to explore the underwater depths in comfort. 

The Veo 4.0 is built with Oceanic’s famous Dual Algorithm, and features Bluetooth Technology that allows you to manage all your dive information on the go before and after your dive- just connect with any mobile device to the free DiverLog+ App. Here you can  adjust the dual Nitrox mixes, switch the Dual Algorithm™, gas mixes, user display, alarms, all on the go pre- and post-dive, saving you precious time whilst you’re kitting up on site. 

Oceanic’s patented Dual Algorithm™ lets you choose the decompression algorithm that best suits your diving needs without compromising safety. Adjust between DSAT or Pelagic Z+ to provide no-deco and deco profiles, or adjust to match your profile to your buddy to ensure maximum dive times and limits, again all handily adjustable through the DiverLog+ App.

With all of your diving essentials packed into one piece of kit, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your computer, or experience the anxiety of drifting from the dive site the one time you didn’t pack your compass! You’ve got everything you need to navigate through even the more demanding dives. 

  • Slim, streamlined hockey puck design
  • Air, Nitrox, Gauge & Free dive operating modes
  • Adjustable safety stop prompt
  • Bluetooth Technology enabling you to edit your data on the go
  • Dual Algorithm™
  • Dual Nitrox mixes
  • 20% larger digits for enhanced visibility underwater

Please note the product photo shows the pressure gauge in PSI, but the pressure gauge will be in BAR!

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