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Mares X-Stream Plus Fins

$279.00 $350.00


The X-Stream is Mares' top of the line fin. It handles itself incredible well in the water and due to its light weight is an excellent fin to travel with!

When you give the fin hard kick, it "locks" making it a very rigid fin, ideal to kick against currents or to accelerate quickly when needed. However, for tropical diving or diving in waters without currents, you can give the fin a gentle kick and you will hardly notice it is there.

This very versatile fin is very easy on the knees and ankles (almost like a split fin, but this fin does give you the option to frog kick as well) and looks great as well!

The Mares X-Stream fins come in size XS, S, Reg and XL. The plus version comes with the patented Mares bungee straps included.

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