• Mares Kaila SLS BCD

Mares Kaila SLS BCD

$849.00 $1,000.00


The Kaila SLS BCD is a great option for divers who are looking for a comfortable, durable and robust buoyancy control device. The fit and performance of this BCD are enhanced by the separation between the bag and the straps. This design allows for a wider range of movement and greater stability, even if adjustments are necessary while on a dive. 

In addition to this carefully crafted design, the Kaia SLS BCD also features a stable holding of ballast, increased holding surfaces, an active mechanical locking system, quick release mechanism, guide tunnel for easier insertion, audible feedback of correct insertion and a stretch pocket with a neoprene panel. 


  • Exceptionally stable and comfortable yet robust and durable
  • Bag separated from the shoulder straps for greater comfort when inflated
  • Counter-shoulder strap that anchors the adjustable corrugated tube
  • Intelligent positioning of the Trim Weight system
  • SLS ballast system
  • New 40 mm swing buckles
  • Large pockets with elastic panels
  • Adjustable belly band
  • Single plate backrest suitable for single and twin cylinders
  • Visual confirmation of the correct insertion of the weight pockets
  • Customisation label on the weight pockets

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