• Hyperion Step-Down Ring M67 to M52 - 67mm-52mm

Hyperion M67 to M52 Step-Down Ring (67mm-52mm)

$17.50 $18.00


With the Hyperion 67-52mm Step Down Ring, you can adjust smaller 52mm accessories and filters to underwater houses and lenses with a larger 67mm screw thread, saving you space in your kit rather than packing various sizes for different set-ups! We’ve all experienced having our absolute favorite filter or accessory and realizing it doesn't fit our new piece of kit, having to hunt for a new one, not knowing whether it will live up to your expectations, when you have your old time favorite lying around in your kit can be pretty frustrating! The Hyperion Step-Down Ring makes it possible to share UV, polarizing and other filters you have between lenses with different thread sizes. Designed with a thin black finished frame, which minimizes the occurrence of internal light reflections, so you don't have to worry about loosing image quality in the process!

Crafter from high strength aluminum, the metal screw threads perfectly into lenses with a 67mm threading, and in doing so attaching filters or other rings with a smaller diameter of 52mm. You’ll be glad you popped this small but valuable tool into your photography kit, get ready to swap filters between different lenses with absolute ease. Why not leave it attached to your lenses or filters for quick and easy filter switching while on your travels, its durability and easy attachment make it ideal for everyday use when out and about on the boat. 


  • Maintain image quality (thin black frame minimizes the chance of internal light reflections.)
  • Adjust 52 mm accessories to fit larger 67 mm threading on houses or lenses 
  • Durable Aluminium 
  • Black Finish

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