• Hyperion Shutter Extension for Pro Tray
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Hyperion Shutter Extension for Pro Tray

$72.50 $80.00


The Hyperion Shutter Extension offers easy access to your underwater housing shutter control. It can be fitted onto the Hyperion Pro Tray (Single or Dual), and functions best when used with a housing that has a straight-press shutter ‘button’ design. The extension brings the shutter button controls out to the handle for maximum comfort and stability when eyeing up the perfect composition. Avoid camera shake towards the beginning and end of your videos, as usually happens due to your fingers fiddling around for the regular shutter button, and create seamless underwater footage from start to finish.


  • Ease of access to shutter control 
  • Create seamless underwater footage without camera shake 
  • Provides additional stability 
  • Requires compatible tray with handle
  • Fits housings from Fantasea, Olympus, Canon, Panasonic, Sony and Nauticam/Fisheye.

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