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Hyperion Lens Caddy

$45.00 $50.00


The perfect solution for keeping your wet lens attached to your camera set up during dives, so that you have it ready and waiting whenever you need it! We all know how frustrating it is to miss out on the shot that you were waiting for almost your whole life, perhaps the whale shark was approaching, the natural lighting was perfect, but you missed it because you were fiddling around preparing camera equipment! The Hyperion 67mm Arm Lens Holder is the easiest way to keep your wide angle and macro lenses stowed away safely and close by when not in use. The 67mm thread can be attached to many 67mm arms, including Hyperion, ULCS, Nauticam, Kraken Sports and iDas arms.

The best things about having a wet lens is the ability to add and remove it whilst in the water. With this nifty design you can keep all of your wet lenses stored neatly and in order when you are not using them, as soon as you do you can conveniently pick from your collection, pop it onto your camera, and you’re ready to snap the perfect underwater shot. Say goodbye to that dreaded feeling you get when you reach inside your BCD pocket and can’t seem to find what you stowed in there, your heart dropping, the panic setting in. Sometimes you’re looking in the wrong pocket, but with the Hyperion 67mm Lens Caddy there’s no need to stuff your lenses in a BCD pocket, dive with peace of mind on every dive. 


  • 67mm Lens Holder 
  • Compatible with a wide range of arms
  • Allows you to switch between lenses whilst on the go to achieve the perfect shot 
  • Quick and easy access to your wet lenses whilst underwater 
  • Keep your wet lenses safe and secure for peace of mind

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