• Atomic Aquatics Z3 Regulators

Atomic Aquatics Z3 Regulators

$879.00 $1,130.00


The Z series is Atomic Aquatics signature compact and economical regulator package. The Z3 offers top performance and ergonomics with the 2 year/ 300 dive service interval and lifetime guarantee of all Atomic regs. The first stage features the Jet Seat high-flow piston and factory seal to stop outside contamination and has 7LP ports and 2 HP fixed ports. The second stage has the patented Automatic Flow Control and black PVD coated Atomic Comfort Swivel. Optional colour kits available. Nitrox ready for 40%.

Top features:

  • Designed to be compact and economical
  • Black PVD coated Atomic Comfort Swivel
  • 2 year/ 300 dive service interval

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