• Atomic Aquatics T3 Regulators

Atomic Aquatics T3 Regulators

$2,329.00 $3,130.00


Precision machined from solid titanium billet the Atomic Aquatics T3 factory sealed first stage features the comfort swivel with black PVD coating and 'Jet Seat' high flow piston. The second stage has been optimised with a high flow stage case and lever design to lower breathing effort. The T3 has been specially designed to be not only the lightest reg in the world but also to safely have a 3 year/ 300 dive service interval and non contingent lifetime warranty, making this reg perfect for travels and diving in exotic location where service centres may be hard to find. Nitrox ready up to 40%.

Top features:

  • Factory sealed first stage and reduced breathing effort
  • 3 year/ 300 dive service interval
  • Lightweight design

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