• Atomic Aquatics SV2 Snorkel

Atomic Aquatics SV2 Snorkel

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The Atomic Aquatics SV2 Snorkel is the top of the line snorkel on the market today! If you're an avid snorkeler and want as little water in your snorkel as possible, the SV2 is the way to go!

SV stands for Scupper Valve, which is a valve in the bottom of the snorkel that works like the one-way valves on boats do. The semi-dry top keeps most of the water out of the snorkel, but any water that does enter the snorkel will go past a one way scupper flap valve, that will trap the water in a compartment underneath the mouthpiece, so the airway stays open. With every exhalation, you then slowly purge the water from the snorkel without even noticing you're doing it.

Besides the valve, the design is small and streamlined for easy use and storage and the design is both functional and good looking!


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