• Atomic Aquatics SS1 Octopus - Red

Atomic Aquatics SS1 Octopus (5 Colours)

$549.00 $630.00


The Atomic Aquatics SS1 alternate airsource allows power and oral inflation for buoyancy control and back up breathing in a compact and stylish design.

Delivering easy breathing at depth and corrosion resistance thanks to the 316 stainless steel design, the SS1 comes with adapters to fit almost every brand of BCD on the market.

Two quick disconnect options are possible, from the LP hose and the BCD hose, the SS1 can also be completely disconnected from the BCD to be carried with your primary regulator and gauges, for travel and storage. 5 colours available.

Top features:

  • Multi-functional and compact
  • Adaptable to a wide range of BCD models
  • 2 year/ 300 dive service interval and lifetime warranty

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