• Atomic Aquatics M1 Regulators

Atomic Aquatics M1 Regulators

$999.00 $1,200.00


The Atomic Aquatics M1 Regulator has been specially designed for specialty diving, made to excel in recreational and technical diving, it comes ready for 50% nitrox or mixes to 80% with specific guidelines. Featuring the Freeze protected factory seal, 2 fixed HP ports, 5 LP ports on the swivel cap and Atomic Jet Seat high -flow piston first stage. The second stage is made to withstand cold water diving with a thermal sink and super dry exhaust valve. The surge protected second stage front cover is perfect for high current dives and the super wide exhaust deflector improves visibility by dispersing bubbles. All these fantastic features combined with with the usual great quality and easy breathing Atomic experience.

Top features:

  • Designed for recreational and technical diving
  • 2 year/ 300 dive service interval
  • Suited to cold water and high current conditions

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