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  • Atomic Aquatics BC2 EZ-LOK Weight Pocket System

Atomic Aquatics BC2 w/ Inflator

$2,199.00 $2,500.00


Here comes Atomics’ upgrade of its advanced BC1. The Atomic Aquatics BC2 is a back inflation BCD engineered by Atomic Aquatics to be ahead of its time setting new performance standards.

‘The TOUGHEST BACK INFLATION BC in the world’ – Atomic Aquatics

It is incredibly tough and, yet, super comfortable. Atomic uses a unique double-laminated polyurethane-coated fabric and corrosion-resistant metals. The special matte-coated fabric dries in seconds after coming out of the water. The strong, durable material is impenetrable and resists abrasion, tears and punctures. A long-lasting choice of BCD for many years of diving!

The exclusive EZ-LOK weight release system enables divers to easily load weights, as well as offer a simple one-handed tug release. The pouches hold up to 10 pounds each. Together with the low profile hydrodynamic trim weight pockets (each hold up to 5 lbs), the weight system lets you perfectly personalize your trim for any dive style. The BC itself is neutrally buoyant in sea water. It is so comfortable, that you literally become one with the BCD.

The Atomic Aquatics BC2 offers you high-performance inflation choices and safe second options Choose to dive with the innovatively designed Atomic SS1 - available options are Titanium or Stainless Steel (available as add-ons). An alternative choice is to dive with a high performance pairing of the Atomic Octo and the Ai Power Inflator.


  • Exclusive laminated and coated waterproof fabric
  • Patented EZ-LOK weight release system
  • Ratcheting CAM-LOK tank band
  • Quilted backpad and adjustable lumbar pad + non-skid tank pad
  • Sand-resistant pocket zippers
  • Titanium-coated stainless steel d-rings
  • “Dry Glide” exhaust pull dumps and knobs

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