Spearfishing Mask & Snorkel Sets


For spearfishing activities, you need specially designed gear. You want to invest in gear that masks you underwater, hiding you away from your prey. You need to choose a hunting device that suits you and your hunting grounds. You also have to choose the right mask and snorkel. This may seem like a minor decision, but in the end, they are an essential piece of equipment that can make all the difference.

A spearfishing mask should have a low profile with a low volume, so it is easy to clear and simple to equalise. A dark mask skirt is less visible underwater and keeps the sun’s glare out, protecting your eyes. Slightly angled masks allow for superior peripheral vision.

A simple J tube without purge valve or splash guard is the preferred snorkel type for freedivers and spearfishing enthusiasts. Due to its simple form, it creates less drag and keeps your profile aerodynamic. Perfect for speedier diving activities, such as hunting fish.

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