Scuba Diving Hoods

Scuba Diving Hoods

During your open water diver course you have learnt that your head is the area where we lose heat the fastest. When you dive in cold waters, or if you simply get cold easily during dives, a hood is the easiest way to reduce your heat loss. You can choose between thinner and thicker neoprene hoods, starting from as thin as 0.5mm.

You can also decide on hoods with or without a bib for added warmth, or simply go for a chill proof beanie, like the ones from Scubapro or Sharkskin. The Probe iDry 5mm Semi-Dry Neoprene Hood gives extra warmth and dries incredible quick (within 10 minutes). Thicker, even warmer hoods are also available, such as the Waterproof 7mm vented hood, which is one of the warmest dive hoods on the market!


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