• Probe iDry 5.0mm Hood

Probe iDry Hood 5mm

$49.50 $60.00


The Probe 5mm. iDry Hood is a warm and comfortable scuba diving hood that dries in minutes when turned inside out after your dive. 

The 5mm. neoprene will keep your head warm in temperate and cold waters, and is made with flexible neoprene so it won't feel as restrictive as some of the other hoods.

The Probe 5mm. iDry hoods are lined with Probe's special quick dry technology fleece lining, that not only feels super comfortable on your skin and head but also dries really quick when turned inside out after use.

Size Chart (Measure distance around head at forehead and just above ears):

  • XS 20 - 21.5" XS (50 - 54cm)
  • S 21.5 - 22" (54 - 56cm)
  • M 22 - 22.75" (56 - 58cm)
  • L 22.75 - 23.5" (58 - 60cm)
  • XL 23.5" plus (60cm plus)

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