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Probe iDry Wetsuits, Socks, Gloves and Boots

Probe iDry wetsuits are the fastest drying dive suits in the industry! Watch the demo video above to see that within ten minutes after the suit was super saturated, the inner fleece lining is dry again!

The Probe iDry 3mm wetsuit is ideal for warmer and tropical waters. Even in areas with high humidity levels, the suit will dry much quicker than traditional neoprene ones. The best selling iDry 5mm suit is one of the easiest suits on the market to don and dof due to the use of high stretch neoprene that is both comfortable and warm! 

The warmest of the recreational dive suits is the Probe iDry 7mm wetsuit, which is as warm as traditional semidry suits, but much easier to put on! All Probe iDry suits have a vertical zip with a flap behind the zip to stop cold water from hitting your back through the zip and to stop water flow to keep you warm throughout your dive!

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