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Before ordering your prescription swimming goggles, please read the information below. If you are not sure what diopters you need for your goggles, please provide the information below to your optometrist and ask for personal advice.

Your prescription goggles will have factory made standard prescription lenses fitted. Most times these lenses won't match your exact prescription, but instead will be an approximation of your script.

We can provided lenses for short/near-sighted people (negative diopters), long/far-sighted people (positive diapoters).

For near-sightedness, you will need negative distance vision correction, or a negative (-) dioptre/Rx Sphere value. For far-sightedness, you will require a positive (+) dioptre/Rx Sphere value.

Unfortunately we can't provide bifocal lenses.

If you have a low astigmatism, the factory made lenses will most likely work for you, but it's best to consult with your optometrist before purchasing.

Instead of asking your optometrist for your script, we recommend asking them what lenses to get for your goggles, as usually when you ask for your scripts, you will be given a note, which tells you your sphere, cylinder and axis. There are formulas for these numbers to work out which dioptre you will need, but to avoid disappointment, we recommend being clear with your optometrist about wanting to buy prescription swimming goggles with factory lenses, which are only available as positive and negative dioptres in 0.5 increments. If your dioptre is a 0.25 or 0.75, round up or down.

As some of the values of your script may come in to play, we recommend asking your optometrist for advice.

After you have been given the right advice, simply select the dioptre you'll need for each lens to match your script.

Note that none of our factory lenses correct astigmatism. If you have astigmatism of 2.00 or more, our lenses won't work unfortunately. It's best to look for a custom solution. If your astigmatism is less than 2.00, consult your optometrist to get the right dioptre values for your prescription lenses.

Unfortunately we cannot work out which corrective lenses will work for you from your script, as we are not optometrists. Please contact your optometrist and ask for the right values. 

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