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Hollis is one of the world's leading technical diving brands. In the 1950s founder and dive industry pioneer Bob Hollis focused on providing diving solution to technical divers! Hollis has been pushing the boundaries ever since and has built one of the best known names in the (tech) diving industry!

Today tech divers all around explore wrecks and caves using the heavy duty Hollis F1 fins! They're known for its power, durability and excellent buoyancy characteristics. Another one of Hollis' iconic products is the DC7 / 500SE side breathing regulator that can be used from the left and the right and can even be used upside down!

To top it all off, Australia's most popular dive mask, the Hollis M1 dive mask has been a top seller in the range for years as it just seems to be glued on to almost every diver's face who has tried it!

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