• Hollis F1 Fins (Bat)
  • Hollis F1 Fins Bat Pair
  • Hollis F1 Fins Bat Back
  • Hollis F1 Fins Spring Heels

Hollis F1 Fins

$255.00 $320.00


The new standard in diving: the Hollis F1 Bat Fins!

Bulletproof construction – due to its high-grade, heavy duty rubber material; power – a better power transition through an angled strap mount; graceful movement – due to its vented blade that accelerates the water flow over the fins.

The Hollis F1 have spring heel straps with an easy-grip heel tap and multiple strap mounting positions, so you are able to fine-tune your personal and optimal fit. The generous foot pockets makes you comfortably fit a wide range of dive boots.

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