Backplate & Wing Systems

 Scuba diving backplate, wing and harness systems

Backplate & Wing Systems

In our Backplate & Wing section, we are proud to present top brands like Halcyon, Scubapro, Hollis & HOG. They are all well-known for their top-quality products and thus popular among technical divers. You will find single and twin wing systems, backplates, harness kits, weight systems, and additional pieces of equipment that you might need to set up your personal equipment.

You can purchase the components that you need separately, i.e. the HOG Hogarthian Harness Kit or the Halcyon 40lb Twin Wing. Or get the whole Halcyon Backplate/Wing Twin Tank System with wing, backplate and harness kit included.

The Scubapro X-Tek Form Single System, with a padded harness system with quick releases, is considered one of the pinnacles of single tank technical diving setups. And if you are more interested in a lighter system, perhaps a carbon backplate is ideal!


HOG Cam Band


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