• Waterproof W80 Wetsuit 8mm Mens

Waterproof W80 Wetsuit 8mm Mens

$559.00 $749.00

Add Waterproof Xpand Pocket (+$59)

The W80 is Waterproof’s 8mm full-suit in stretchy neoprene with WPAD™. The 8mm high stretch nylon/spandex with UltraFlex neoprene makes this wetsuit extremely warm, yet still comfortable to get in and also dive in. Waterproof assures a snug fit with minimal water flow, especially due to its male from specific cut for a variety of body shapes.

The W80 also features Waterproof’s WPAD™ – The Waterproof Personal Accessory Dock. It is great for docking an expandable Waterproof pocket, like the Xpand. The suit has reinforced shoulders, as well as knee pads in ToughTex, which is an abrasion resistant fabrication for a longer-lasting suit.

With this cold water diving wetsuit, you also get high-quality YKK zippers. The back zip is a zipper with a Stainless slider and the leg zippers aid in easy donning and doffing of the suit. Overall, a well thought out suit for cold water divers, or for divers that get cold easily even on warmer water dives.

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