• Waterproof W50 Wetsuits 5mm Ladies

Waterproof W50 Wetsuit 5mm Ladies

$439.00 $565.00

Add Waterproof XPand Pocket (+$55)
Add McNett Wetsuit Shampoo (+$9)?

Waterproof's latest addition to the Waterproof Sports line is the W50. This new suit has been made from UltraFlex neoprene that makes it extremely comfortable, but also easy very easy to don. The UltraFlex stops water flowing through the suit and guarantees a snug fit. Combine that with the zippers on the legs and you'll find that this suit is supereasy to put on!

Not enough room for your accessories or want to carry a spare pocket mask? Not a problem with the optional Waterproof XPand pocket, which you can add to this suit at any time!

With its reinforced shoulders, seat and knees, this suit is built to last. The zipper on the back is a vertical zip with the new PU Velcro molded tab that will only stick to the designated Velcro area on the suit!

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