• Waterproof W30 Wetsuit 2.5mm Mens

Waterproof W30 Wetsuit (2nd Gen) 2.5mm Mens

$199.00 $260.00

Add Waterproof Expandable Pocket for only $55?

With their W30 Series, Waterproof offers you a great and thin suit that will still keep you exceptionally warm. Waterproof has been producing high quality suits for a long time and the feedback they got, was only that their suits were too warm.

Here is the solution: a thinner suit! With 2.5mm the suit is going to be easy to don and doff, but since it is still a Waterproof suit, it might still be extraordinarily warm.

Waterproof is a beloved choice for professional divers, due to their well-constructed, high quality suits. For dive pros, Waterproof has integrated the WPAD™, the Waterproof Personal Accessory Dock. This dock can be used to comfortably attach an expandable pocket, to carry all your important add-ons.

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