• UK-UNICAM-TRAY-12874 with compact camera
  • UK-UNICAM-TRAY-12874 with GoPro camera
  • UK-UNICAM-TRAY-12874
  • UK-UNICAM-TRAY-12874 Kit

UK Collapsible Camera Tray

$65.00 $78.50


The Underwater Kinetics Collapsible Camera Tray is perfect for travelling. Make sure to always take the best pictures possible! A camera tray helps you to steady your camera, while offering you a great lighting solution. This collapsible camera grip can hold a camera with up to 2 Aqualite Pro Photo/Video lights.

When not in use, the tray folds down to a mere 16.5 x 6.4 x 2.5 cm (weight: 156g). When in use, the collapsible tray is fully adjustable for the best direction of light in any given condition. You can use it with any compact underwater camera.

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