• TUSA Sport Platina Hyperdry Adult Travel Set - Black
  • TUSA Sport Platina Hyperdry Adult Travel Set - Light Blue

TUSA Sport Platina Hyperdry Adult Travel Set

$85.00 $100.00


The Platina Hyperdry adult snorkelling set consists of a UM-20 mask with a hypoallergenic crystal silicon strap and skirt for ultimate comfort. It combines a wide field of vision with low profile design and ClearVu tempered glass lenses for great vision and easy clearing.

The snorkel is comes with (a USP-160 snorkel) that also uses the hypoallergenic silicone in the mouthpiece for a soft bite and the hyperdry top reduces the water that can enter the snorkel. If water does enter the snorkel it is easily cleared through the purge valve in the drain chamber at the bottom of the snorkel.

The TUSA Sport UF-0103 fins that are included in this package are an easy to don comfortable open-heel fin with short blades to make the package even more travel friendly. The rib design and multi-compound design of the fin gives you extra power and the silicon strap fits comfortably around the back of your foot!

Fin Sizing:

  • M => Male US3-8 / Female US5-10 / Euro 36-42 / CM 23-26
  • L => Male US7-12+ / Female US9-14+ / Euro 40-46+ / CM 25-28

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