• TUSA Freedom HD Mask (M-1001)
  • TUSA Freedom HD Mask (M-1001) - Black/Black (BK/BK)
  • TUSA Freedom HD Mask (M-1001) - Black (BK)
  • TUSA Freedom HD Mask (M-1001) - Indigo (ID)
  • TUSA Freedom HD Mask (M-1001) - Cobalt Blue (CBL)
  • TUSA Freedom HD Mask (M-1001) - Fishtail Blue (FB)
  • TUSA Freedom HD Mask (M-1001) - Black/Fishtail Blue (BK/FB)
  • TUSA Freedom HD Mask (M-1001) - Fluoro Yellow (FY)
  • TUSA Freedom HD Mask (M-1001) - Black/Metallic Red (BK/MDR)
  • TUSA Freedom HD Mask (M-1001) - Black/Fluoro Yellow (BK/FY)

TUSA Freedom HD Dive Mask

$139.00 $180.00

Black Skirt/Black Frame
Black Skirt/Fishtail Blue Frame
Black Skirt/Red Frame
Black Skirt/Yellow Frame
Clear Skirt/Black Frame
Clear Skirt/Cobalt Blue Frame
Clear Skirt/Fishtail Blue Frame
Clear Skirt/Yellow Frame
Indigo Skirt and Frame
Add Anti Fog Bottle?

The TUSA Freedom HD scuba diving mask is one of the largest single lens dive masks on the market! It has a Freedom skirt with round edges for extra comfort and an excellent seal! The field of vision of this mask is incredibly wide and has specially designed 180 degree buckles to fit a diverse range of faces!

You may expect such a large mask to be high volume, but it's actually still a reasonably low profile mask, meaning that the lens is relatively close to your eyes, making it easy to clear and giving you a wider field of vision!

The TUSA Freedom HD mask is available in a range of colours! 

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