• Suunto USB Cable for D-Series / Zoop Novo & Vyper Novo

Suunto USB Cable for D-Series, Vyper Novo & Zoop Novo

$89.00 $100.00


To be able to connect your dive computer, more specifically your Suunto Zoop Novo, Vyper Novo and D-Series dive computers, to a PC or Mac, you will need this USB Cable.

Plan your dives with Suunto’s DM software and download your dive logs afterwards for an extensional analysis. This way, you will never lose track of your dive count and keep all your dive information.

This USB cable can be used with the following Suunto computers:

  • D4i
  • D4i Novo
  • D6i
  • D6i Novo
  • D9tx
  • DX
  • Vyper Novo
  • Zoop Novo

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