• Surf Lock (Car Key Security Padlock)

Surf Lock (Car Key Security Padlock)

$55.00 $60.00


Wrapping your keys in a towel is not a solution to the old 'what do I do with my keys at the dive or surf site' problem. Neither is hiding them under your car. In fact, there IS no other solution than the Surf Lock Car Key Security Padlock, a wonderful little contraption designed to keep your belongings safe while you dive or surf.

The security padlock is a conveniently-sized storage-box-and-padlock combo, with an extra-large storage pocket and space for extra-long keys. The box locks securely with a combination lock of 10,000 possibilities, while the padlock can be attached anywhere on your car with your keys safely inside.

When not in use, it's small enough to fit into the glove box or your car door! And of course, it's constructed from durable, rust-proof metals and fitted with a hardened steel shackle for ultimate security.

  • Storage box large enough for car keys and immobilisers.
  • Handy slot for longer keys.
  • Soft rubber backing to protect your surfaces.
  • 10,000-entry combination padlock.
  • Durable metal construction with hardened steel padlock.

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