• Sharkskin Compression R-Series 3/4 Capri Pants Womens

Sharkskin R-Series Compression Wear 3/4 Capri Pants - Womens

$89.00 $120.00


Increase your performance with the Sharkskin R-Series Compression Wear 3/4 Capri Pants for women. Both, the compression technology and the ‘far-infrared’ (FIR) wave technology help you boost performance and increase your muscle recovery.

This is a great pair of pants for athletes during high intensity training and competitions. Increased circulation and blood flow due to the leg compression and far-infrared helps promoting muscle efficiency under pressure.

The pants offer superior muscle support due to the form-fitting, shape-stretch design. Breathability is ensured with the mesh ventilation panels behind the knee and in the gusset area. The high waist with waistband ensures maximum comfort. These ¾ capri pants are also quick drying, anti-bacterial and sun-proof (SPF50+).

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