• Sharkskin Chillproof Shortpants Ladies

Sharkskin Chillproof Shortpants Ladies

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Sharkskin Chillproof Shortpants Ladies have a special female cut for a more comfortable fit. They're designed with a high back and fleece-like inner lining.

The Sharkskin Chillproof material has three different layers. The first layer is a fleece layer and designed to dry really fast.The middle layer is designed to keep the wind-chill out so you stay warmer during surface intervals, during boat rides, etc. The last layer dries quick, protects you from UV rays. 

You can put your Sharkskin Chillproof Shortpants in the washing machine, and they are itch and odour resistant and provide the same warmth as 2.5 - 3mm. neoprene while being less buoyant than neoprene.

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