• Sharkskin Chillproof Hooded Long Sleeve Mens

Sharkskin Chillproof Long Sleeve with Hood Mens

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If you're looking for that extra bit of warmth on your dive or during other watersport activities, Sharkskin Chillproof long sleeves with hoods are the perfect solution for you!

Sharkskin's excellent chillproof material exists of 3 layers. The first layer is a fleece-like material that is designed to keep moisture (water/sweat) away from your body to ensure maximum warmth. The second layer is designed to keep the wind-chill out. This makes Sharkskin Chillproof an excellent option to wear on the surface and on boats. The third layer is a nylon/lycra blend that creates a 4-way stretch, is UV-resistant and has water-repellent properties. Sharkskin Chillproof Long Sleeves with Hoods dry super quick which is a great feature for when you're doing multiple dives. They're itch and odour resistant and anti-microbial too.

If you feel the cold, Sharkskin Chillproof Long Sleeve with attached hoods are a great option as the extra hood provides extra warmth as a lot of your body heath gets lost through your head!

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