• SanoSub Twin Tank Band

San-o-Sub Twin Tank Band (140mm, 178mm, 204mm)

$75.00 $121.00

Single or Pair

These bands are slowly becoming the standard in the industry as many tek divers now order their twin tanks complete with manifold valves and bands. The spacing on these bands is the standard 8.5", so they work with the standard San-o-Sub manifolds.

Choose between three different sizes, depending on which cylinders you are using:

  • 140mm (5.5") if using Faber 5 or 7L cylinders (also for 7L HP cylinders)
  • 170mm (7") if using Faber 9, 10.5, 12.2 cylinders (also for 12L HP cylinders)
  • 204mm (8") if using Faber 15 and 18L cylinders (or stubby 12L cylinders) 

The width of the bands is 60mm and they are made of marine grade stainless steel. Each band includes a long tank band bolt with a diameter of 8mm and a length of 150mm (6") including the standard 1 wing nut, 3 washers, 1 nyloc nut and 2 nuts (all stainless steel).


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