• SanoSub 300Bar DIN HP Tank Valve
  • SanoSub 300Bar DIN HP Tank Valve

San-o-Sub 300Bar DIN Scuba Tank Valve

$79.00 $110.00

HP Burst Disc (Installed)

The Sanosub high pressure (HP) scuba tank valves are the strongest and most reliable scuba tank valves on the market today. The valve knob has deep ribs for excellent grip and the air passages facilitates the best air flow.

The valve thread is 3/4" NPSM which is the standard thread for most tanks in Australia. The HP tank valves are meant to be used with HP (300 bar) cylinders. Please make sure that you have checked your current tank valve thread and cylinder pressure to make sure you are ordering the right valve.

This valve will come with a HP burst disc, which is meant for HP cylinders, unless requested otherwise.

WARNING - If you are in doubt which valve you need for your cylinder, please send us an email or ring us before ordering.

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