• Sanosub 300Bar DIN Manifold Valve (RHS)

San-o-Sub 300Bar DIN Manifold Valve (RHS)

$75.00 $100.00

Add blanking plug (+$9)?
Burst Disc

San-o-Sub's right hand side high pressure (HP) DIN valve is made specifically for high pressure cylinders and DIN style first stage regulators. This valve does not work with yoke (international) style regulators, as the theaded inserts do not fit the valve outlet.

This valve is most commonly used in combination with an isolation bar and a left hand sided model high pressure manifold valve, but can be used as a stand alone version as well with the use of a blanking plug. This valve has the atypical configuration, as most valves in Australia are a left hand side valve.

The valve has a standard 3/4" NPSM thread and will fit most Australian scuba cylinders. The valve has specifically been made for use with high pressure (300 bar) steel cylinders, like the 300 bar versions of the Faber 7L and 12L cylinders.

Optional: Add a blanking plug to use as a stand alone valve (+$9)

WARNING: If in doubt of which valve to order for your tank or which thread your tank has got, please ring or email us before ordering.


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