• SanoSub 232Bar DIN/Yoke Sidemount Valve (LHS)

San-o-Sub 232Bar DIN/Yoke Sidemount Valve (LHS)

$69.00 $90.00


The sidemount valves made by San-o-Sub use a recessed burst disc, to prevent accidental knocking when diving inside wrecks or caves. The valves can be used with both Yoke (international) and DIN first stages, as they feature a threaded insert, which can simply be removed or installed with the use of an allen key.

The left hand side valve is considered the common valve style, as most cylinder valves are left hand sided. This valve is popular for use on sidemount cylinder and/or stages that are kept on the diver's left hand side. The valve has a long hand wheel for easy operation.

The valve has a standard 3/4" NPSM thread, which is the most common thread in Australia. This valve will fit most steel and aluminium tanks in Australia.

WARNING: If in doubt whether this is the right valve and/or the right thread for your tank, please don't hesitate to call or email us.

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