• Salvimar Predathor Spearfishing Knife
  • Salvimar Predathor Spearfishing Knife Optional Elastic Band

Salvimar Predathor Spearfishing Knife

$67.00 $80.00

Acid Green
Add Optional Elastic Arm Band

The Predathor Spearfishing Knife is a super compact knife designed by Salvimar. It can be used by spearfishing and freediving enthusiasts alike. For your own safety, it is always recommendable to carry a knife or cutting device, to be able to free yourself from possible entanglements.

The blade is made from rust-free stainless steel 420. It features both a smooth and a serrated edge for cutting, slicing and sawing. It is easily released when you need it. With the Optional Elastic Arm Band, it can be fixed to your arm, your belt or your calf, wherever you can reach it more easily.

Total length (including scabbard): 16cm

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