• ODG Frameless Superflex Snorkeling Set

ODG Frameless Superflex Set

$75.00 $150.00

Add a Bottle of Anti Fog (+$5)?

The low volume ODG Frameless Mask is the ideal snorkeling mask! With its hypoallergenic soft silicone skirt it fits almost all faces and creates a perfect watertight seal every time! It has tempered glass lenses for safety and buckles on the skirt for extra comfort and easy adjustment!

Combine that with the superflex (foldable!) snorkel and you've got a snorkeling set that can easily packed away in any suitcase! The snorkel comes with a replaceable mouthpiece and a semi-dry top!

Both the mask and the snorkel are of scuba diving quality and can be used for either snorkeling, scuba diving and/or freediving!

Please note: Snorkel in combo can be black/grey or black/red.

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