• ODG Hunter DryTop Snorkeling Set

ODG Hunter DryTop Set

$75.00 $150.00

Add Bottle of Anti Fog (+$5)?

This ODG snorkelling set is one of our best sellers and one of the best value sets on the market today. The ODG Frameless mask has a polished finish, which gives it an attractive black look. The supersoft silicone is very comfortable to wear and make "mask marks" a distant memory! The buckles are set on the skirt and the lenses are high tempered glass.

Combine that mask with the ODG DryTop snorkel to get the ultimate snorkelling package. The top of this snorkel is designed in a way that it closes off as soon as water tries to enter the tube! It does have a purge valve in the bottom in case any water does find its way into the tube and a swivel clip plus replaceable silicone mouthpiece for extra comfort.

Both the Hunter mask and DryTop snorkel are of scuba diving quality and can be used for snorkeling, scuba diving and/or freediving!

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