• Oceanic Hollis Shearwater Transmitter

Oceanic / Hollis / Shearwater Transmitter

$429.00 $590.00


Pair your dive computer with a transmitter for direct pressure readings of your tank pressure on your wrist! Whether you're using a current Oceanic, Hollis or Shearwater air integrated dive computer, this transmitter works with all three, as they use the same transmitter.

You can add multiple transmitters to a single computer, which will be especially handy for sidemount divers and those with one or multiple stage tanks. For sidemount configurations, Shearwater recommends a grey transmitter for your first cylinder and a yellow transmitter for the second cylinder. You can also pair a single transmitter to multiple computers, which is great for divers using a backup computer.

This transmitter can be synced with the following dive computer models:

  • Oceanic OC1
  • Oceanic VT4.0 & 4.1
  • Oceanic ATOM 2.0]
  • Oceanic ATOM 3.0
  • Oceanic VT-3
  • Hollis DG03
  • Shearwater Perdix AI
  • Shearwater Teric
  • Shearwater NERD2

You can also link the transmitter to some older dive computers, but these models will only allow 1 transmitter: 

  • Oceanic Datatrans
  • Oceanic VT PRO

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