• Oceanic Regulator Set: Alpha 8 / SP5 DIN
  • Oceanic Regulator Set: Alpha 8 / SP5 Yoke
  • Oceanic Regulator Set: Alpha 8 / SP5 Slimline Occy Set DIN
  • Oceanic Regulator Set: Alpha 8 / SP5 Slimline Occy Set Yoke

Oceanic Regulator Set: Alpha 8 / SP5 (DIN or Yoke) / Alpha 8 Octopus & Free Termo Gauge

$699.00 $850.00

Assemble & Pressure Test

Are you looking for a high-performing regulator but you’re conscious of your budget? Then look no further than the Alpha 8 / SP5 Oceanic regulator set! This is a durable and reliable set of equipment, at an affordable price.

The SP5 first stage is a piston regulator, designed with marine grade chromed brass which ensures longevity to withstand corrosion and damage. In order to protect o-rings and vital parts of the first stage, the SP5 separates these from the outside environment, ensuring consistently high performance. It showcases 1HP port and 4LP ports for effective and streamlined hose-routing. The SP5  is the rental regulator of choice for many dive resorts around the world - which highlights its reliability and sturdiness.

Paired with the Alpha 8 second stage, this combo will endure regular use with ease! Similarly to the SP5 first stage, the Alpha 8 is affordable without sacrificing product quality. This second stage was rated the best price-to-performance ratio within its ranking, and performs to the U.S. Navy’s Class A standards (198ft). Featuring a demand-valve design and orthodontic mouthpiece, the Alpha 8 provides comfortable breathing at a modest price!

This regulator set includes an Oceanic Alpha 8 Octopus (or Slimline: +$40), as well as a free Termo pressure gauge.

Top features:

  • Made of marine grade chromed brass
  • 40% Nitrox compatible
  • DIN or Yoke style available
  • Orthodontic mouthpiece 
  • Affordable to look after
  • 1HP & 4LP ports
  • Qualify for the ‘Oceanic free parts for life’ program
  • Environmental protection


  • Oceanic SP5 First Stage (DIN or Yoke)
  • Oceanic Alpha 8 Second Stage
  • Oceanic Alpha 8 Octopus 
  • Termo Pressure Gauge 
  • All hoses (generic LPI included)

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