• Oceanic Delta 5 / EDX Regulator Combo Black
  • Oceanic Delta 5 / EDX Regulator Combo White

Oceanic Delta 5 / EDX Regulator Combo

$699.00 $950.00


The Delta 5 is Oceanic’s latest creation stemming from a line of reliable and durable all-purpose regulators. The delta range offers effortless breathing both in cold and warm water, and a breathing capability that is just as good at 30 feet as it is at 130. 

The Delta 5 comes with Oceanic patented Dynamic Adjustment Technology that, once set by the diver, provides consistent airflow at any depth. It also features a heat exchanger to further increase its already optimum cold-water performance. And you’ll find all of these additions packed into a sturdy and stylish updated design. 

The Delta 5 is paired with Oceanic’s new latest design, the cold-forged over-balanced diaphragm first stage, the EDX. 

Glide along and enjoy your dive assured that this top-of-the-line combo has got your breathing requirements perfected to a T. 

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