• Oceanic Delta 5 2nd Stage Regulator Black
  • Oceanic Delta 5 2nd Stage Regulator White

Oceanic Delta 5 2nd Stage Regulator

$265.00 $320.00


The Delta 5 is Oceanic’s latest creation stemming from a line of reliable and durable all-purpose regulators. Over 20 years Oceanic challenged themselves to design a rugged and reliable all-purpose regulator that would be at home in cold water or warm and breathe just as good at 30 feet as it did at 130. The Delta range came into creation and even today is still being improved for increased diver satisfaction.

Like the rest of the Delta Series, the Delta 5 comes with Oceanic Patented Dynamic Adjustment Technology that, once set by the diver, provides consistent airflow at any depth. However, unlike its predecessors, the new Delta 5 has an all-metal pneumatic valve, providing super smooth breathing performance in any condition. It also features a heat exchanger to further increase its already optimum cold-water performance and comes standard with a dive/pre-dive switch and a super comfortable orthodontic mouthpiece. Even more, you’ll find all of these additions packed into a robust, compact and stylish updated design. The Delta 5 is lightweight and has a diameter of only 6.53cm, making it one of the most compact designs on the market today! 

Experience dive comfort like never before with the newest arrival of Oceanic’s highly esteemed Delta Series! 


  • Pneumatically balanced all metal valve
  • Oceanic Patented Dynamic Adjustment Technology
  • Heat exchanger for excellent cold water applications
  • Inhalation effort control knob
  • Dynamic Adjustment Technology
  • Dive/pre-dive switch venturi switch
  • Super comfortable orthodontic mouth piece

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