• Ocean Pro OP20 Second Stage Only

Ocean Pro OP20 Second Stage Only

$145.00 $170.00


Ocean Pro’s OP20 is a downstream demand valve second stage. It is a robust, reliable and compact design, which is also light-weight. Not only does this make the OP20 perfect for travelling, but it also reduces jaw fatigue and this enhances comfort.

The demand valve offers you a smooth and easy breathing performance. Overall, you get a comfortable breathing experience. The regulator comes Nitrox ready (to 40%), straight out of the box – ready for your next dive adventure.

Lastly, the second stage features pre-positioned front cover ring holes, which ensure a super easy removal of the cover, when it is time for servicing the reg.


  • Downstream demand valve design
  • Diaphragm Surge prevention front cover
  • Nitrox compatible to 40%
  • ABS polycarbonate housing

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