• Ocean Pro F300 / OP30 Torquay Regulators

Ocean Pro F300 / OP30 Torquay Regulators

$599.00 $700.00


The Ocean Pro F300 provides you with a superior breathing experience, under all diving conditions. It features a balanced diaphragm, which means that no matter the remaining tank pressure or your dive depth weaken its performance. You are able to customise the hose routing to your personal preferences with two high pressure and four low-pressure ports.

The OP 30 is a dynamic adjustment second stage, which offers you an ease of breathing at all times. A great regulator combo! It further features an orthodontic mouthpiece, which together with the light design, reduces jaw fatigue and makes your dives more pleasurable. It further has a surge deflecting front cover, minimising free flow in a current, and a durable aluminium front ring.


  • Balanced diaphragm first stage
  • 2 HP and 4 LP ports
  • Dynamic adjustment second stage
  • Nitrox compatible to 40%

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